Project Supremacy 2.0 Review

Herc magnus and Todd Spears, are SEO experts who had collaborated to design and implement a brand no WordPress Plug-in that will blow your socks off.  They even have the new saying #YOASTISTOAST.  If you currently use Yoast, take a look at this new SEO product and believe me you will swtich.

You can be a small business owner with one website, or a website developer with many clients.  It doesn’t matter this product is an all onpage seo product where you never have to leave to do any one your work.  Do you want to rank on page one with awesome onpage SEO customization with out any other headache work? This is for you.

Project supremacy 2.0

Product: Project Supremacy 2.o

Creators: Todd spears and Herc Magnus

Cost: ($47/$97/$197) depending on your needs

Verdict:  I used this plugin on my very own website, usually I have to purchase backlinks, lord know how many I pay for and continually to pay for and then my rankings go stagnant.  Within even 24 hours of having added project supremacy to my websites they shot up on ranking.

What is Project Supremacy?

Project Supremacy 2.0 is an SEO plugin that works with WordPRess and promises to rank your sites first without backlinks.  In my case my site was indexed in 2 days with nothing else added!

For some of us doing the keyword research and SEO implementation is just way too much work.  It can take days doing the research and then categorizing everything and then implementing it all onto your website.  Project Supremacy does this all for you on site in the Plug-in.

It is so easy to use that beginners are encouraged to use and experts will drool at the simplicity. Giving it a try has a 60 day money back guarantee as well if you do not like it for some reason.

How Does it work?

  • Project Supremacy is the only WordPress plugin designed to perfectly do your on-page SEO exactly how google wants it.
  • By using structured data and schema, JSON LD, image exif, and all the other stuff that will optimize the hell out of your website
  • I do not know how to code, Project Supremacy does it all for you with no knowledge needed!
  • Off-page SEO will only make your website 100xbetter because with Project Supremacy you will be fully on-page SEO optimized
  • Proven Results: almost instant rankings and traffic boosts your website gains permanent spots which means higher conversions without buying all kinds of marketing!

Real People and Real results

Project Supremacy uses the most advanced on-page SEO techniques to AUTOMATICALLY cause your website to skyrocket in Google…

Because the fact of the matter is – you website could have 48329043849023 backlinks…

It could even have 4829 PBN links…

But if you’re ON-PAGE doesn’t have THIS – if it doesn’t have Project Supremacy… then all those links are virtually worthless.

Project Supremacy will automatically do all of the high level on page schematics, in JSON-LD, in such a way that Google will fall in love with your site.

Its proven hundreds of times over, as you’ve seen…

And because this is what Google WANTS websites to be doing the idea of “slaps” will not even exist for you…

So to all those who think SEO is dead… we’re laughing hard… After all, wouldn’t that mean Google is dead??? Yeah. We all know that’s not the case.

Project Supremacy will take the rawest of newcomers, affiliate marketers, local marketers, and whoever else uses it, and will make them more successful at what they do. Period.

Think about those plugins that you always install onto every new WordPress site you create. This will be one of them.

The proof is in the pudding, and your list won’t be able to deny it: just installing the plugin leads to skyrocketing rankings…

Unprecedented. Revolutionary. Life changing. For real.

If you want to watch their up coming video’s on Project supremacy so you will know absolutely everything about it before you buy it Click here